How Strain-Gauge Quickshifters Compare to Other Quickshifters

As most readers will know, a quickshifter works by killing the ignition for a certain period of time in order to relieve stress on the gearbox, thus allowing the pressure on the gear lever to slip the transmission into the next gear without missing a gear,

grinding or chipping gear teeth or engagement dogs. Addiitional information around tragamonedas da vinci. However, something that is less well understood is how different quickshifter technologies compare to one another in the marketplace in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

Click on the links below to see how Strain-Gauge quickshifter compare to other Quickshifters.

Conventional Quickshifters vs. Strain Gauge Quickshifters                                                                Strain-Gauge Quickshifters vs. Load-Cell Quickshifters

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