HM Cloud In-Depth!

EVER wonder why every single World Superbike, Grand Prix and serious domestic superbike team employs a data engineer? In this day and age, it is perhaps one of the most important roles on a motorcycle racing squad – to interpret the mass of information collected by the electronic loggers. And it doesn’t just apply to prototype machines and fancy new big bikes either, data is just as beneficial on a steel-frame 600 as it is on a brand new Fireblade.

With the release of its new HM Cloud system, HM Quickshifter – a firm well known for its aftermarket electronics – has made data analysis accessible for everyone. from the track day enthusiast to the national championship frontrunner and beyond; something company boss Gareth Hopkins has been grafting on for the past decade.

“I’ve been working in MotoGP and World SBK for quite some time doing data analysis, and it’s always occurred to me that the complexity of analysis is such that it’s not really available to the average track day rider/ racer.” he tells UK Clubsport.

“There was always a fight to try and find last year’s data, or data from the last time the team was at a given circuit or data from a specific test day… It was always a nightmare.

“The whole idea is to make it really easy and really accessible to anyone and everyone who is interested in what they or their bike are doing.




“It’s designed for anyone, it just makes it really convenient – it’s even aimed at the higher level, although we’ve targeted this at the middle track day user, the club racers, the road racers, even halfway up the BSB paddock.” Riders from all over the world can connect their HM M3 dash or other data logging products to the Cloud system and see a complete analysis of their lap without any complex user input whatsoever.

It’s as simple as registering to log in for free via, choosing a session from your sessions list and loading up the data on the easy-to-use dashboard. Users can share specific laps, sessions or even corners with friends on social media as well as check out other riders’ data if it’s made public. Data from sessions can be overlaid, allowing comparison against previous sessions, even those ridden by someone else!

While the Cloud does have more advanced functions for experienced users, the beauty is that all the analysis is done on HM’s Cloud server, meaning riders and teams can simply check out the data and get the information they need.

Everything from throttle position to wheel speeds, brake pressures, engine RPM, temperature, and even ECU parameters such as lean angle can be easily viewed with just the click of a button – it’s so easy it makes checking your email look like a chore.

“We can do suspension analysis, we can do rider analysis – lean angle, getting on the throttle, acceleration, braking – we have system-generated analysis to help show people where they’ve got weaknesses or where they are at higher risk.

“A huge amount of effort has gone into making the Cloud really intuitive and really easy to use but at the same time have the depth required by more advanced users – that’s the key.”

“There are loads of presets, so you can choose to look at suspension performance, engine performance, rider performance, chassis performance, or any of your custom layouts. You can even highlight an area on the track, a sector, a corner, an incident, maybe a part of the circuit where you are spinning up, whatever you want, and find out more about what you or your bike are doing.”




There is also no need to worry if you’re looking at your data and you’re not sure how to drop your lap times with changes to the suspension, engine, chassis or even riding style – HM has a solution for that.

Very soon, riders will be able to choose from a registered list of professional data engineers from the world championship paddock, riders and racing coaches who can log onto the Cloud and help guide you through any changes to setup or riding – either in real-time while you’re at the track, or after your session, trackday or race weekend.

“All of these data engineers, race engineers and the like, the world over, who work at Worlds and MotoGP, Moto2, etc, can advertise themselves on the Cloud as being available and anyone can say to them ‘could you have a look at my data please and tell me – am I riding okay? Is my suspension okay? Am I in the zone?’

“You can choose Simon Crafar or whoever you want who has subscribed to the system, we’ve got many so far, and it just means that for £30 or £40 they will do that analysis for you.

“You’ll know you’ve got someone who knows what they’re talking about, which are very few and far between, who can say to you something like ‘you’re only using 65 per cent of your suspension travel, change your spring rate or your air gap and you will notice a massive change’.

“It’s all about confidence, knowing that you and your bike are in that zone.”




As if that wasn’t enough, Gareth and HM have even bigger things in the pipeline with an automatic onboard video-syncing function.

Gone will be the days of editing your favourite track footage, cutting laps together or trying to overlay your live data with the correct corner. HM’s video-syncing, which is set to be released soon, could revolutionise how track enthusiasts and racers improve their riding.

“All the modern video cameras – GoPro, Garmin, etc embed GPS data in the video. So we’ve created a service where you just upload your raw footage, the server pulls the video apart and allocates it to that session, that corner, that lap, etc.

“Then when you look at your data logging, you’ll have a window that syncs your video with your data. You’ll even be able to overlay your data with someone else’s and then you can say ‘bloody hell, that’s what they’re doing, I’ll try that next time out.’

“To be able to compare your lines to a professional rider’s lines, that’s gold for everyone from track day riders to higher level racers…”

To check out the HM Cloud system, simply head to and register for an account. They even include Pro Subscription Features free for the first year. It is hands-down the easiest first step to becoming a better rider.


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