HM Cloud: In-Depth!

HM Cloud In Depth! 
Have you ever wondered why every single World Superbike, Grand Prix and serious domestic superbike team employs a data engineer? It has become one of the most important roles on a motorcycle racing squad, being able to interpret the mass of information collected by the electronic loggers is crucial. But it doesn’t just apply to prototype machines and fancy new big bikes either, data is just as beneficial on a steel-frame 600 as it is on a brand new machine. Which is why we created the HM Cloud!

The HM Cloud has made data analysis accessible for everyone, from trackday enthusiasts to national championship frontrunners and beyond; something we have been grafting on for the past decade.
“The whole idea is to make it really easy and really accessible to anyone and everyone who is interested in what they or their bike are doing.”
- Gareth Hopkins, HM Quickshifter Owner

Designed for everyone, the convivence offered means track day goers, clubs racers, road racers and even championship paddocks can benefit from the HM Cloud.

Riders from all over the world can connect their HM M3 dash or other data logging products to the Cloud system and see a complete analysis of their lap without any complex user input whatsoever, and it’s as simple as registering for free via Users can share specific laps, sessions or even corners with friends on social media as well as check out other riders’ data if it’s made public. This data can then be overlaid, allowing comparison against previous sessions, even those ridden by someone else!

While the Cloud does have more advanced functions for experienced users, the beauty is that all the analysis is done on HM’s Cloud […]

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  • Luke Hopkins - What Challenges Did You Face?
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    HM Quickshifter & Luke Hopkins: Early Challenges in Bennett’s British Superbikes

HM Quickshifter & Luke Hopkins: Early Challenges in Bennett’s British Superbikes

Moving up into Bennett’s British Super Bikes, rider Luke Hopkins, details what issued were faced in the few weeks before round #1!

With roughly 2 weeks to prepare the bike, Luke explains the rush that ensued to get the Honda ready! With HM Owner Gareth preparing the Loom & ECU, a fuel tank also had to be constructed to gain extra fuel capacity in this short time.

Despite all this rushing, Luke has made it and raced around the likes of Silverstone, Snetterton, Oulton Park, Donington Park, Knockhill, Thruxton, and of course, Brand Hatch. During which, Luke has been chasing, closing the gap & even overtaking the factory Honda racers, despite their edge of factory backing and more powerful engines.
Being the first season in BSB for Luke, he says

“it was always going to be a challenge” but “we’ll get there before the end of the season”.

We can’t wait to update you on his progress… So, stay tuned by liking and following our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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